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Urge Your Pennsylvania Elected Officials to OPPOSE HB 867 and SB 450

Two legislations have been introduced into the Pennsylvania legislature regarding mandatory nurse staffing ratios that could negatively affect the way we staff our units and run our hospitals. The Pennsylvania Organization of Nurse Leaders (PONL) strongly opposes these proposed legislations, HB 867 and SB 450. You can read PONL's stance on nurse staffing policies here.

We encourage you to write to your State Representative and State Senator urging them to oppose HB 867 and SB 450. Follow the steps below to download the appropriate materials to contact your elected officials:

  1. Download the PONL Letter Opposing HB 857 and SB 450 and PONL's position on promoting safe nurse staffing in Pennsylvania graphic.
  2. Find the contact information for your State Representative and State Senator.
    If you are unsure who your elected officials are, visit the Pennsylvania General Assembly Find Your Legislator page and input the address at which you are registered to vote (typically your home address) to load the names of your legislators.
  3. PONL strongly urges you to email your elected officials via their email address; however, some legislators do not have their email listed.
  4. In the downloaded letter, update any information in BLUE CAPITALS, as these indicate the customizable sections. Once the information is updated, remove the bolding and change the font color to black.
  5. Send your letter to your legislator:
    • If your legislator provides an email address, copy and paste the contents of the PONL Letter Opposing HB 867 and SB 450 Word document into an email addressed to the elected official. All colors and formatting should remain. You can also attach the infographic as supplemental material.
    • If your legislator does NOT provide an email address, prepare a regular snail mail and drop it into the U.S. Mail. Print a copy of your updated letter as well as a copy of the infographic to mail to your elected official. Please remember not to use employer letterhead and use your voting address as the return if you choose this method.
  6. Let PONL know who you contacted! Complete our brief legislator contact information form to tell us who you contacted and when.


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